Saturday, February 4, 2012

Visual Evidence - A picture is worth a thousand words ...

So here is the visual proof that I mentioned in a previous post. All the video clips were played in VLC and the screenshots were taken within the application.

Here is the original, h.264 "native" output from EyeTV that was recording the footage a 13.5mbps.

The image quality and clarity is what I expected when I maxed out the settings for capture.

Now, here is the turbo.264 HD export. It's cropped and the image is jaggy. Kind of confused as to why it would look like this, especially considering that it's all made by the same maker.

Clearly, there is something going under the hood that is making the output from the turbo.264 all screwy.

And here is the samples from h.264 native to MPEG Streamclip outputting to QuickTime @ 10240kbps.

Now this what I was expecting, even when compressed or at least changed into a format where iMovie could edit the file or at least manage simple edits without falling over itself. And in QuickTime, the file size may have grown a bit over what turbo.264 offered but it's still less than AIC.

This learning experience is becoming a real chore.

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